Press conference for promotion of the ACCA accredited program at UACS

The Institute for Certified Auditors and University American College Skopje are holding a press conference for the promotion of the ACCA accredited program for Accounting and Audit at UACS and for promoting the accounting and auditing professions.

The press conference will be held on March 12th, 2019 (Tuesday) at UACS – Amphitheatre 1 (4th Floor) at 11:00 a.m.

The purpose of this press conference is strengthening the perception of youth and students for the accounting and audit professions, and the possibilities they open for an international career. Also, the conference will promote the ACCA accreditation of the UACS study program for Accounting and Audit.

The ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is a globally acclaimed body that offers international certification for accountants and auditors, by passing a customized exam divided into 12 modules. UACS, has incorporated 8 of those modules in their academic program for accounting and audit, so that once students complete their academic program, they will only have to take 4 more exams to obtain ACCA certification.

UACS is currently the only higher education institution in the region that has implemented the exams into their programs and has made it available for students that wish to pursue some of the most highly paid careers in the world.

The Institute for Certified Auditors has recognized the value of such a program and the opportunities it will bring toward bridging the gap between the perception for these professions and the benefits from pursuing them as a career path.

Speakers at the conference:

  • Srdjan Rangelovic – Institute for Certified Accountants Board Member
  • Prof. Marjan Bojadjiev, PhD – Provost at UACS
  • Prof. Dushica Stevcevska Srbinovska, PhD – Chief of the Finance Department at UACS

Representatives from the Institute for Certified Accountants:

  • Krsto Nestorov – Board Member of the Institute for Certified Accountants
  • Tatjana Todorovska – Secretary General

The press conference is open to the public and all interested parties and we kindly invite all media that are interested to cover the event to contact or call +389 2 2463 156.

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