Signed Memorandum of Understanding between University American College Skopje and Kristu Jayanti College Autonomous

University American College Skopje and Kristu Jayanti College Autonomous have taken their first step in a future collaboration by signing a Memorandum of Understanding.

One of the most significant benefits of this collaboration is that it will enable Macedonian students to explore India, currently the 5th largest economy in the world, and the “Silicon Valley of India,” Bengaluru. This exchange program will provide students with an opportunity to experience a new culture and expand their horizons.

At the same time, students and faculty from Bengaluru will have the opportunity to learn more about Macedonia, South East Europe, and the EU integration process. By sharing knowledge and experiences, this collaboration will help to create bridges between cultures and promote a better understanding of each other’s cultures.

A foundation that will provide exciting opportunities for students and faculty, including student and academic exchange, joint research projects, credit recognition, and cultural exchange programs, we believe that this is just the beginning of a fruitful partnership that will benefit both institutions and their communities, as we look forward to all the exciting opportunities that this collaboration will bring!

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