Team Competition in Financial Accounting at UACS

On December 14 2017, UACS held the annual Financial Accounting Competition. This competition is being held for the third time, and the participants are students enrolled in the Finance and Banking and the Accounting and Audit study programs.

Under the mentorship of Asst. Prof. Dusica Stevcevska – Srbinoska, PhD, the students presented projects on the introductory marketing and financial analysis of the Macedonian confectionery industry. The two key companies that were supposed to be compared were Evropa AD Skopje and Vitaminka AD Prilep, both companies that are part of our Business Council. The students had to use the tools learned in class and apply them into the interpretation of the annual reports of the companies, as well as into the recommendations for the companies.

The competition itself was supported by Evropa AD Skopje, which took an active role as committee member along with Asst. Prof. Snezana Hristova, PhD and Asst. Prof. Dushica Stevcevska Srbinoska, PhD. They also brought gifts for the participants, as well as awards for the winners.

Evropa AD Skopje is the oldest confectionery factory in the Balkans, with an annual production of 5000 tons and a rich product portfolio that is available in more than 19 countries in the Balkans and abroad.

Students from SABA High School – Skopje were part of the audience for the competition.

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