UACS Business Communication Course Visit to Makedonski Telekom: ‘Effective Communication in the Workplace’ Project Interview

On 15 April 2024, the UACS undergraduate students from the School of Business Economics and Management, within the Business Communication course taught by Prof Dr Marjana Vaneva, visited the Communication sector of Makedonski Telekom.

As Makedonski Telekom is a (tele)communications company in North Macedonia that has been present both on the top-most successful companies list and on the top-largest companies list, thus ranked among the top 10 companies in North Macedonia, it was chosen as the most convenient to be interviewed for the students’ course project on the topic of effective communication in the workplace.

In the company’s headquarters, the students grouped in three teams, where each team worked with one interviewee. The questions previously prepared by the students’ professor and some added by the students as the discussion was flowing were answered by three communication officers from the host company: Suzana Shterjova Tosheva, Ivana Kabranova and Dario Cuculov.

How do you all communicate within your company: what communication channels do you use, do you send reminders to the employees, how do you check if the message is understood, and how do you communicate with your clients: how do you ensure a good communication flow, how do you resolve miscommunication, how do you test your job applicants’ communication skills, and what qualifications should an applicant have to be successful in communication were only some of the questions that the students asked their designated interlocutor.

Both parties liked the event – the hosts enjoyed sharing their knowledge and experience, while the students liked doing their project work in a non-traditional, out-of-classroom setting.

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