UACS Talks: “Ideas, Insights, Innovations – Education” (Vol. 1)

Yesterday, The University of American College Skopje had the honor to host our guest speakers Vlatko Ivanovski, a certified Microsoft MVP Professional, and Martin Tatar, the regional leader of the Microsoft MVP Program, within the scope of the School of Computer Science and Information Technolgy, organized by Prof. Vladimir Radevski Ph.D.

Our speakers were invited to UACS to hold a lecture on the subject “Secure your Software Supply Chain with Confidence: Mastering DevSecOps with GitHub Advanced Security”, as a part of the ongoing planned UACS Talks series, titled: “Ideas, Insights, Innovations – Education”.






The event was visited by more than 60 students, both in a physical and online capacity, as they were able to watch the presentations by our speakers, and interact with them during the Q&A portion of the lecture.

We hope that this first edition of UACS Talks proved fruitful for our students, that it sparked an interest in the world of DevSecOps, and that it inspired them to get more involved in this field in the future.

For more exciting lectures in the future, stay tuned to UACS Talks – Get informed, get inspired!

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