Assoc. Prof. Dimitrinka Jordanova Peshevska, PhD – Keynote lecturer at the Geomedi University in Tbilisi, Georgia

On the 28th of January 2024, Associate Professor Dimitrinka Jordanova Peshevska, Ph. delivered a keynote lecture on “Anxiety, Stress, and Coping Mechanisms”, at the Geomedi University in Tbilisi, Georgia, where the Medical Faculty of the University of Geomedi in Tbilisi, Georgia, in collaboration with the Student Academic Society, had organized a Conference for the medical students titled: Kaizen Mental Health Colloquium.

On that occasion, Associate Prof. Dimitrinka Jordanova Peshevska, PhD, UACS as a guest lecturer and keynote speaker gave a talk on the topic: Anxiety, Stress and Coping Mechanisms”. The Vice-Rector welcomed the Conference for Research at the University of Geomedi, Professor Zurab Tsetskhladze, PhD, and the Dean of the Medical Faculty, Professor Khatuna Makalatia, PhD. The keynote lecture was followed by a vivid discussion from the students inquiring specific questions about different mental health conditions and difficulties and how to cope with them.

A panel discussion was also organized, following the keynote lecture, addressing the topic of: “Navigating the Digital Landscape and Mental Health”, with panelists: Associate Professor Dimitrinka Jordanova Peshevska, from the University American College Skopje, Professor Temur Iosebadze, Ph.D. and Assistant Professor Nino Rachvelishvili, Ph.D., from the Medical Faculty of the University of Geomedi. Each contributed their expertise to the discussion, as their insightful contributions sparked an intellectual discourse among the students and fostered a deeper understanding of the complex relationship between technology and mental health.

In light of her keynote lecture, Associate Professor Dimitrinka Jordanova Peshevska also had the opportunity to visit the premises of the University of Geomedi, Tbilisi, Georgia, and the relevant faculties: the Faculty of Medicine; the Faculty of Dentistry; the Faculty of Healthcare Economics and Management; and the Faculty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

As a final gesture of her lecture at the University, Assoc, Prof. Dimitrinka Jordanova Peshevska was awarded a certificate and plaque for her contribution as a keynote speaker by the Vice-Rector for Research at the University of Geomedi, Professor Zurab Tsetskhladze, Ph.D.

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