Assoc. Prof. Ilijana Petrovska, PhD as a visiting lecturer in Marketing at the Technical Faculty of Bor, University of Belgrade

On 6 October, 2016 (Thursday), UACS SBEM faculty, Assoc. Prof. Ilijana Petrovska, PhD held a Marketing lecture to the students at the Technical Faculty Bor, University of Belgrade.

Assoc. Prof. Petrovska, PhD was a guest lecturer at the Introduction to Marketing course taught by the course instructor, Prof. Dejan Riznic, PhD. During the lecture, she covered the following topics: what is marketing, marketing process, marketing development, the importance of customer relationship marketing and how to develop a value for the future customers.

The students had the opportunity to engage in a class discussion after case study reading and covering the previous topics.

The class was interactive and it was delivered in English language. Students who attended the visiting lecture had the opportunity to think about the future, innovations and how to build a better world.

For more information regarding the visiting lecture by Assoc. Prof. Ilijana Petrovska, PhD, please visit the official website of the Technical Faculty of Bor at the following link


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