Call for UACS Debate Club

If you are interested in engaging in debate on contemporary issues regarding our society and the world, you are warm-heartedly invited to join UACS Debate Club.

UACS Debate Club has been a place for exchanging ideas, gaining broad and multi-faceted knowledge across disciplines and developing various skills such as argumentative and critical thinking, public speaking and building confidence for six years.

If you want to develop or further enhance your rhetorical eloquence, poise and self-confidence, if you want to learn how to structure and organize your thoughts and ideas, if you want to improve your ability to form balanced and informed arguments and how to effectively use reasoning and evidence, join us!

UACS Debate Club is open to all UACS students from all schools and years. The working language is Macedonian and/or English.

At the end of the academic year, UACS Debate Club wraps up its activities with a competition. All members of the UACS Debate Club will receive a Certificate of Participation.

We meet every Thursday at 15:30 in room 4A.

The UACS Debate Club has been initiated by Dr. Ivana Trajanoska to encourage students’ engagement in social issues, foster critical thinking and team spirit.

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The Call for UACS Debate Club is available here.

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