Guest appearance by Gorjan Jovanovski in the course Speech Communication

Last week, as students in the elective course Speech Communication at the School of Political Science and Psychology were delivering their final speeches for the spring semester, they were joined by Gorjan Jovanovski, a member of Skopje’s City Council and one of the country’s foremost public speakers.

The Zelen Human Grad (Green Humane City) politician who is known as a founder of the pollution measuring AirCare app gave the students feedback on how to improve their informative and persuasive speech quality. Drawing from his experience as a TED talks speaker, Jovanovski provided hints to the students about their verbal and nonverbal skills, as well as how to improve the visual aids they used in their speeches.

The course was given by Dr. Ivo Bosilkov and was attended by students from various backgrounds at UACS, who spoke about topics ranging from physical exercise and animated films, to psychedelic drugs and nuclear warfare.

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