Guest lecture on Sematics at the UACS School of Foreign Languages

On Friday, 1 March 2019, the SFL UACS graduate students attending the course Semantics, hosted the freelance translator and interpreter Ms Natasha Kolekevska Georgievska, MA.

As Semantics deals with the meaning of words and studies them in context, by analyzing the sense relations and interpreting the sentences on the basis of words that construct them, and the knowledge of this linguistic discipline is mostly seen in translation or interpreting, the course instructor – Prof Dr. Marjana Vaneva – invited Ms Kolekevska Georgievska to address the students as a guest speaker. She is a Master of Arts in European Studies for Integration and Communications, who has worked as a translator and interpreter for various organisations: Ministry of Defense of our country, Military Academy Skopje, Council of Europe, European Court of Human Rights, European Commission, US Embassy and so forth.

The guest lecture was about the connection between semantic knowledge and translation, that is how Semantics as a course develops the students’ skills to correctly and successfully interpret the different meanings and interpretations hidden in the language.

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