International Week Lecturers

UACS School of Business Economics and Management has the pleasure to announce that it will be hosting its third installment of International Week.

The program of International Week 3.0 includes lectures, workshops, and various activities, which are open to all interested parties in English.

If you are interested in participating, please send an email to

Adriano La Vopa                                                                                           

Bio: Adriano is the co-founder of ain’t a GAME*, a company that designs and commercialises games for business, to help companies in strategising and managing innovation. He played and plays with innovation management, open innovation, strategic innovation, and helps companies in implementing successful and effective strategies to manage innovation for growth. He worked in SMEs, research centres, scientific parks and in big corporations (such as Philips and LG Electronics). Now is having fun with consultancies and serious games.

Topic: The effectiveness of gamification and serious play for business strategy


Dr Anu Jossan                                                                                                           

Bio: Dr Anu Jossan is an Economist and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK. She has a doctorate in Economics and Masters in Business Economics and a second Masters in Higher Education. Currently, she is working as Programme Head for Bachelors in International Business and International Business Management with the ARIU with the University of Derby and also as Associate faculty for QFBA Northumbria Newcastle University.


  • Role of the Government & Central Banks in an  economy
  • Investment trends since the Pandemic
  • Operational Risk & Fraud Risk in Banking -Measurement, Management & Regulatory Compliance in GSIBs


Tornike Khoshtaria, Doctor of Business Administration                              

Bio: In 2003, he successfully graduated from Tbilisi State University the Faculty of International Business with the qualification of Economist. In 2005, he was awarded the Master’s Degree with the qualification of expert-diplomat; also has a Master’s Degree in International Marketing of Business Administration from Cardiff Metropolitan University School of Management. In 2018 was awarded „Doctor of Business Administration“ degree from Iv. Javakhishvili State university. The subject of his scientific-research is formulation and implementation of the business strategy, marketing strategy, market segmentation. Tornike Khoshtaria has a vast experience working at various universities. He has won Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus + Scholarships financed by the European Commission.


  • Analyzing the Marketing Environment
  • Company and Marketing Strategy Partnering to Build Customer Relationships
  • Managing Marketing Information to Gain Customers Insights

Sabina Cvitkovik, Ph.D. candidate.                                                                                                            

Bio: Sabina Cvitkovic is a Ph.D. candidate in marketing communications at the University of Ljubljana and visiting lecturer in marketing at the University American College Skopje. She is the managing director of Kohlmann d.o.o., the first Croatian marketing agency specialized for startups and small to medium enterprises. In addition, Sabina is a member of the Croatian Public Relations Association and a published author in branding.


  • How to brand the University: Professors / Lecturers as brand ambassadors
  • How to better connect with new students (online)
  • Is online the future of education?

Erjona Deshati, Ph.D. candidate                                                                        

Bio: Currently pursuing a PhD Program in Business Administration at UACS, Erjona is a Lecturer in the Department of Business Administration and Information Technology at Canadian Institute of Technology (CIT), since 2016. She teaches business management courses including Strategic Management, Project Management, Principles of Management, and Marketing, to name a few. From 2018 she serves as CIT Review Journal Coordinator. Erjona is also part of scientific editorial board and reviewer team member for many international academic journals in the field of management and marketing


  • Designing a Business Strategy: The Basics

Ida Manton, MSc.                                                                                                

Bio: Ida Manton is a trainer and scholar in the field of negotiations, mediation and conflict resolution. She has published articles, presented at international conferences and has written negotiation simulations in the field of international relations, multilateralism and conflict management.


  • Strategies I am comfortable with

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