Doc. Dr. Sc. Mirjana Pehchevska Pop-Iliev, guest speaker at UACS

On 14th of March, the presentations of the students’ final projects for the course Creating and Managing Organizational Change was enriched with a remarkable guest speaker Doc. Dr. Sc. Mirjana Pehchevska Pop-Iliev. Ms. Pehchevska Pop-Iliev is the Organisational Director  of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases in Skopje and experienced consultant for organizational development. She shared her experience about Crisis Management of the biggest and most important medical hospital during the time of Covid pandemic. In a dialogue with Mirjana, the students were able to learn how was it like to lead the Clinic in a time of crisis and how did a change ready organization better respond to challenges they have never encountered before. The class was an excellent learning opportunity for everyone, especially through the insightful presentations of the students about change projects they personally lead or participate in.

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