Guest lecturer from the University of Andorra

During yesterday’s Taxation class, the students and prof. Igor Srbinoski welcomed Mr. Casanovas Bargalló, a guest lecturer from the University of Andorra. The lecturer first introduced the students to Andorra, its political system, economy and culture. Furthermore, Mr. Toni Casanovas Bargalló explained Andorra’s tax system and its most vital taxation themes. The students also reviewed a simulation of cross-border taxation cases where they took an active part.

Mr. Casanovas Bargalló is a Spanish Tax lawyer who, after developing his professional career as a tax specialist at the international firm KPMG (Barcelona), joined the Andorran group OCPS as tax advisor. His main functions relate to counselling and tax planning of companies and families’ heritages.

As of this year, UACS has signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Andorra, encouraging student, professor and staff exchange between the two institutions.


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