Krushevo 2016/2017 – A research project connecting UACS SAD students and cities in Macedonia

The cooperation between the School of Architecture and Design and the municipalities in Macedonia is a long-term practice, implemented during the learning process at the undergraduate and graduate studies. Through the process of defining, research analysis and project implementation, the students, on the basis of their year of studies and their study concentration, possess the ability to comprehend the real necessities and potentials of the city and the Municipality of Krushevo.

The final products are the projects, which are presented and donated to the Municipality of Krushevo, as visions for the future social and economic development of the City in the context of contemporary principles of sustainable urban development at micro and macro levels.

Students at UACS School of Architecture and Design have visited the Municipality of Krushevo at the beginning of the Fall Semester in the Academic Year 2016/2017 (October 14-15, 2016). Through presentation of Krushevo urban planning and development plans by a Municipality professional, two-day field examination and recording of locations in the Municipality, presentation of the development program presented by the President of the City Council, the aims and methods for a joint cooperation between UACS SAD and the Municipality of Krushevo have been identified.




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