“Leaders of the Green Economy”, project by University American College Skopje, supported by Erasmus+

“Leaders of the Green Economy” is a project supported by Erasmus+ whose project goal is a situational analysis regarding teaching and learning practices for the circular economy at the university level. The bearer of the project is the University American College Skopje in cooperation with the partners Business School DOBA, Slovenia; University of Rijeka, Croatia and Angel Kanchev University in Ruse, Bulgaria.

The aim of this project is to create a university environment that will stimulate the development of circular economy concepts for business students by stimulating links between academia and industry and improving digitization in the higher education sector. Through the project activities, students will be able to develop knowledge and skills in the area of the circular economy. By doing so, they will be better prepared for their future jobs and helping companies to implement the principles of the circular economy, which will positively affect the future economic growth of the countries, as well as the transformation towards the green economy.

Various activities were undertaken within the framework of the project, including: workshops with professors for the development of digital materials, camps in Rijeka and Skopje, virtual/hybrid exchanges for students and dissemination of curricula. In the area of curricula, a “White Paper” was issued, i.e. mapping the situation and recommendations for improving teaching and learning about the circular economy. Digital teaching materials in the form of case studies have been developed as a basic output for future use in university education for further development.

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