Prof. Paula Rodríguez-Torrico, PhD, from the University of Burgos, Spain – Guest speaker at UACS

Prof. Paula Rodríguez – Torrico, PhD, from the University of Burgos, Spain, focuses her research on omnichannel marketing, digital marketing and the impact of technology on consumer behavior and their decision-making process. She has published her work in high-impact scientific journals and has received awards for her work. As a guest speaker, she actively participates in international seminars and workshops, such as her lecture on March 30th 2023, as part of the International Week organized at UACS. For the students in 3rd year of Marketing, as part of the Internet and Digital Marketing Communication course, prof. Rodríguez – Torrico explained the evolution of consumer behavior through different channels.
The presentation, “Omnichannel marketing: consumer behavior and firms challenges, ” addressed the comparison of consumer purchasing behavior and perceptions in multichannel, cross-channel and omnichannel environments. Through the results of several experiments performed for the purpose of her research, prof. Rodríguez – Torrico emphasized the importance of understanding and achieving a seamless experience. Finally, she underlined the potential of expanding the omnichannel shopping experience through the possibilities offered by new technological advances, such as, for instance, the metaverse.

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