Social and Emotional Learning and Development in Contemporary Living – Challenges to Young People

School of Political Science & Department of Psychology
have the honour of inviting you to the workshop with our guest lecturer

Dr. Rebekah Granger Ellis,

International Research and Training Expert, UNICEF;
NeuroEducation, Autism, and Behaviour Disorders, Johns Hopkins University, USA

Social and Emotional Learning and Development in Contemporary LivingChallenges to Young People

Wednesday 16 October 2019, 12 – 14 pm at UACS, room A1

Dr. Rebekah Granger-Ellis is a cross-field theorist and author in social-emotional and moral leadership development, intersecting neuroscience, mental health and education. She specialises in developing policies and practical programs for at-risk youth, pioneering research-based program development, child/adolescent well-being, psychosocial development, mental health support systems, violence prevention and brain-targeted learning environments. An award-winning researcher and neuroplastician merging neuro- and cognitive science, Dr. Granger-Ellis leads teams through system transformation initiatives, developing strategies, trainings and innovative best-practice methods and pioneering research-based recommendations for educational policies reform. In her roles as a Regional Neurowellness Expert and Coordinator of Pro-Health Programmes, she works with UNICEF, Unilever, government ministries, policymakers, and executives in Central and Eastern Europe.

In partnership with UNICEF and The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of the Republic of North Macedonia, Dr. Granger-Ellis is pioneering an innovative comprehensive national education programme for social cohesion, intercultural dialogue, civic engagement, holistic wellbeing, mental health, brain-targeting teaching, and socioaffective development.

Ms. Rebekah Granger-Ellis holds a Ph.D. in Education and Human Development, with a concentration in Psychological, Emotional and Behavioral Development, Intervention Programme Design and Neuroscience. In conjunction with University of New Orleans and Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Granger Ellis developed a holistic neuroscience education model for at-risk youth and taught graduate classes in multicultural and international education, moral development and character education, social-emotional needs of gifted, and curriculum development and instructional strategies. She is an accomplished international trainer in Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Albania, Canada, and USA. For the past 20 years, she has been an educator, author and international public speaker on prevention of acts of harm by bright individuals and educational policies for vulnerable populations, spending 15 years working with at-risk and vulnerable populations in Haiti, Guatemala, Appalachia, and the Southern US Delta.

To attend the workshop please register by sending an email to before 15 October 2019 (no later than 12 o’clock). Please provide your name and surname, institutional affiliation and contact details (email).

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