UACS Alumni of the Month – Jane Plavevski

  1. You have been a part of the UACS family for a long time. Can you describe us your first impression of the University, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Similar as every young person who looks further themselves and elevate his career prospects I had a choice to make on which University to continue my formal education. In my mind I envisioned an institution which follows current and future international trends, fosters an open minded culture and offers an exemplary program which is taught by distinguished professors and professionals. Looking back at that time I feel very fortunate that University American College Skopje (UACS) was my choice.

I was and still am impressed by the culture in the University where on every level from front office to teaching staff everyone treats you with the utmost respect and professionalism. You immediately feel welcome and right at home. When you feel valued and appreciated from the very beginning it is much easier to focus on the studies and your goals.

  1. You graduated at the Faculty of Business Economics and Management. How was it? What is the most important lesson you have learnt?

Well it was a profound experience, I can tell you that. The approach that the teaching staff demonstrates is unique, especially when fostering debates and practical assignments. The student are not just passive listeners but they are active participants in the lectures through discussions which are fostered by the teaching staff.  The great atmosphere which is created where everyone can express their opinion and share their experiences helps student learn from each other while also practicing public speaking. Additionally, the “Learning by doing” methods is what provides even more value to the studies. You don’t just get to listen and learn about the material and tools, but you also get to practice it in real life use cases and projects, either individually or in teams. This is where you implement your ideas in a safe environment and acquire the experience how it is to run projects, which tools to use in which situation but also gain insight on how team dynamics work.

  1. What have you been up to since graduating? In what direction is your career path moving?

Studying at UACS has certainly helped me level up in order to take up more ambitious and challenging projects and tasks. I am working in the biggest telecommunication operator in the country: A1 Makedonija, where I am Product Manager for Mobile Telephony. The practical knowledge gained while studding at the University provided me with a better understanding of the underlying business logic, the customers and business environment but also helped me gain more self-confidence while making analytical and comprehensive decisions.

Furthermore, as I am a very ambitious person who always looks for new challenges I also embraced an additional career path as an Expert Lecturer at our very own UACS. One of my goals always was to help prepare the next generation of business leaders and this is the perfect opportunity to do just that. But this also goes to demonstrate that UACS has faith and provides an opportunity to its alumni to further develop themselves and pass on their knowledge and experience.

  1. What would you recommend to young people thinking about what University to choose? What are the most important aspects of studying at UACS?

The most important thing that I would recommend is that young people set a clear vision and goals for themselves. I know that this is not an easy task, especially with the frequent changes in the socio- economic environment, but following your passion on what you want to become will always drive you in the right direction.

Being part of UACS does not just provide young people with the opportunity to gain more knowledge and practical experience from various fields (Business, Computer Science, Architecture, Law, etc.), but to also be mentored by highly ranked professors and established professionals who can act as role models for years to come. The investment that young people make in their education is an investment in the future and UACS is definitely an institution which provides “skills for life”.


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