UACS donation to the PHI Clinic for Pediatric Diseases in Skopje

On 12 December 2017, UACS held a Charity Auction of Artwork, where numerous pieces of art created by UACS students, professors and friends were sold for the purpose of raising funds for making a donation to the PHI Clinic for Pediatric Diseases in Skopje.

Today, UACS procured the necessary laboratory centrifuge and officially made the donation to the Clinic.

The Rector of the University, Prof. Marjan Bojadjiev, PhD, accompanied by Vice-Rector for Education Asst. Prof. Venera Krliu Handjiski, PhD, as well as other representatives of the University that were part of the organization for the charity auction, made the official visit to the clinic to bring the centrifuge to the clinic’s laboratory.

They met with the Director of the Children’s Clinic, Ms. Katerina Stavrikj and other relevant staff members of the Clinic that assured them how pivotal a part the centrifuge plays in their everyday operations and timely diagnosis.

As an additional surprise, UACS brought Christmas packages with sweets, that were donated by the University’s academic and administrative staff, and intended for all the children that are patients at the clinic.

Once again, UACS is thankful to all that participated at the Charity Auction and contributed to spreading the humanitarian spirit and new years cheers to places where it is most needed and most appreciated.

This was a lovely day to experience and we would like to share our joy with you. Bellow is a small gallery of the event.

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