UACS Master student participated in the Erasmus+ “Trip2Tolerance” project for democracy and intercultural understanding

As a result of the long-term cooperation established between University American College Skopje and the European Movement of the Republic of Macedonia (EMRM), the Master student at the UACS School of Economics and Management, Liljana Hristovska, represented Macedonia in the Erasmus+ “Trip2Tolerance” project.

The project was held in Athens, Greece during the period January 9-16, 2017.

The project aims at promoting the values of democracy, inter-cultural understanding and solidarity among the youth and youth workers across the Mediterranean and in Belgium as the policy-making center of the EU.

The training was performed through simulations, debates and team buildings and animations and it was in line with the Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility for youth and youth workers’ goals, since it promotes the values upon which the EU has been built.

For Ms. Hristovska, it was a very useful experience to be part of the training on the issues of democracy and intercultural understanding, organized along with 58 young people from six different countries in Europe: Macedonia, Greece, Belgium, Turkey, Italy and Latvia.

The Macedonian team had six participants, who worked under the guidance of prof. Mileva Gjurovska, the President of the European Movement of the Republic of Macedonia.

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