UACS Student visit to the “Guardians of Wisdom” Conference, as part of the Speech Communication class, led by Prof. Sandra Grujevska.

On March 31st, the students from UACS attended the Conference “Guardians of Wisdom”, held at the Philharmonic Hall of the Republic of Macedonia, in which respected professionals from across Macedonia shared their knowledge with our students.

The program of the conference focused on three topics in particular – culture, economics, and communications, with the importance of professional upgrading and career development for young people intertwined between each topic.

As a part of the Speech Communication class, led by Prof. Sandra Grujevska, our students learned about the importance and power of speech, the structure of public speaking, body language, and captivating an audience while presenting, representing just some of the many valuable lessons they received in the course of this conference.

In addition to those, our students also garnered advice from the panel about life in general, discussing the perception of failure and how to overcome it, the exposure of people to education in the modern age, its pitfalls and benefits, as well as the risk all people undertake in the pursuit of their goals.

This represented a truly extraordinary opportunity for our students to hear the wisdom of some of the most experienced and respected professionals in our country, and to learn how to be excellent speakers themselves.


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