Student lecture on Circular Economy at AHSS, part of a class by Prof. Elena Bundalevska.

On the 6th of April, students from the University of American College held a lecture in front of the American High School Skopje regarding the Circular Economy, as a part of a class held by Prof. Elena Bundalevska.

The lecture itself was separated into two parts: a practical and a theoretical part. During the practical part of the lecture, the presenters posed questions to AHSS students and interacted with them on the length of understanding they had in this area of knowledge. The second, theoretical part, explained in detail the difference between Linear and Circular Economy to the AHSS students, what exactly Circular Economy represents, why is it important, and how it can be implemented.

We thank the American High School Skopje for facilitating this presentation from our students and providing the platform for the sharing of ideas with their young minds.

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