UACS Student Ombudsman – Jana Petrovska

Meet our new UACS Student Ombudsman – Jana Petrovska:

“As the Student Ombudsman at UACS, my primary role is to serve as a confidential and independent resource for students who are experiencing difficulties or conflicts within the university. I ensure fairness, transparency, and accountability in various contexts, including academic and non-academic issues.”

Representing student issues on a number of bases, here are just some of Jana’s responsibilities as the UACS Student Ombudsman:

  1. Promote the rights and responsibilities of students;
  2. Ensure that all parties involved in a dispute are treated fairly and respectfully;
  3. Help students navigate complex university policies and procedures;
  4. Provide students with information about their rights and responsibilities;
  5. Strive to help UACS improve its policies and procedures;
  6. Serve as a bridge between students and the university administration.

Ultimately, Jana aims to foster a positive and supportive academic environment that encourages open communication, respectful interactions, and a commitment to fairness and equity.

Congratulations to Jana, as we wish her much success in her new role!

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