Guest lecture by Ms. Tatjana Nasevska Dodevska

On 26 December 2016 (Monday), UACS Psychology students taking the course in Child and Adolescent Development with UACS faculty member, Assoc. Prof. Ana Tomovska Misoska, PhD had the opportunity to meet the guest lecturer, Tatjana Nasevska Dodevska, a school psychologist, who delivered a presentation on the topic of: “Working with school aged children: methods and approaches”.

Ms. Tatjana Nasevska Dodevska shared her experience of working with school aged children.

The students discussed her methods of work, as well as the approaches she uses in working with the children, parents and teachers. They also saw some of the tests used for appraisal of cognitive and emotional development of the children and talked about strategies used with the students with certain issues and problems.

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