University Choir Auditions – 30.09.2017

UACS University Choir – conducted by m-r Ilija Atanasov

All current students, alumni, graduate students, professors and all employees at UACS are invited to join!

The audition will be held on Saturday, September 3oth, at 11:00 a.m. in Amphitheater 2 on the 5th floor. 

If art signifies spiritual health, improvement, emanation of one’s person in its entirety, an expression of the intellectual and the emotional moment of being human, then choir music is the most reachable, most massive and most immediate and perhaps today, the most advanced form of artistic expression. The ability to produce music in synchronization is the crown of professionalism, ability and maturity of a person in any field.

The University Choirs are not only witness to the quality, maturity, efficacy and popularity of the Universities, but also part of the most prominent choirs in the world of choir music.

The UACS University Choir prepares for the annual concert and participation at contests, and its quality is solely dependant on your creativity and ambition to create music together in a real team setting.

All you need is the desire and a little bit of talent…in return, you will receive extra credit, a certificate of participation, attendance at choir contests, public acknowledgement, traveling and many friendships.

So why wait? Join us!

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