Competition in Finance in the Food Industry

This December, for the tenth consecutive time, the University American College Skopje had the privilege to host its annual and traditional Financial Accounting Competition. Four teams from the School of Business Economics and Management demonstrated high competitive abilities and understanding of financial analysis while counterpoising Vitaminka, Lindt, Nestlé, and Kraft-Heinz. Under the mentorship of Assoc. Prof. Dusica Stevcevska Srbinoska, the teams applied their financial analysis methodology to interpret the annual consolidated reports of the companies, as well as highlight segments in need of improvement.

We would like to especially thank Vitaminka AD Prilep and PricewaterhouseCoopers Skopje, who took part in and supported, the event, with representatives Ms Elena Markovska (PwC), Ms Rosana Stojneva (PwC), and Mr Ivan Strezoski (Vitaminka) forming the assessment committee of the event as well.

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