UACS won 3rd place at the ACBSP Region 8 Conference

We are delighted to announce that the students from the School of Business Economics and Management: Marija Adjiev, Teodora Kochovska, Nikola Malinov and Leo Miloshevski have secured an impressive 3rd place at the ACBSP Global Business Programs Region 8 Fall Conference, hosted by CESIM Business Simulations- Global Business Challenge!

This remarkable achievement is a testament to the student’s dedication, strategic thinking, and exceptional teamwork. Among all competitors, our students showcased their skills, navigating complex scenarios with precision and innovation.

Congratulations to each member of the winning team! Your hard work, perseverance, and commitment have truly set as an example for the whole university. Their success reflects not only individual brilliance but also the collaborative spirit fostered within the School of Business Economics and Management.

UACS looks forward to witnessing your continued success as you embark on new in your academic and professional journeys.

Once again, congratulations to our outstanding students on this well-deserved accomplishment!

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