Pension Asset Management in challenging times

Yesterday, for the second year in a row at the Taxation course, we had the privilege of hosting the representatives of the Agency for Supervision of fully funded pension insurance – MAPAS.

Mrs. Biljana Koteska, Head of Research and Institutional Cooperation Sector, kicked the presentation off by introducing the pension system in Macedonia, Institutional infrastructure of the fully funded pension insurance, highlighting the structure of assets and Investment portfolio of mandatory and voluntary pension funds.

Mrs. Slavica Janevska Jovevska, Head of Financial Control Sector, delved into the MAPAS’s role in: risk management in fully funded pension insurance, performing supervision for compliance with the regulation on the pension funds, pension companies and custodians.

The discussion was not only educational but also encouraged our students to understand first-hand the practical challenges regarding whether risk management is well established in funded pension insurance and observing the critical aspect of pension fund asset allocation.

We are truly looking forward to further intensifying the cooperation with MAPAS and also we express our gratitude to both ladies- guest-speakers and our very pro-active students.

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