UACS Talks (26.04.): Lecture by Dan Ram at University American College Skopje

“Start Now, Start Simple”!


A motto to live by, the University of American College Skopje has the honor to present our upcoming UACS Talks event MC which embodies this philosophy to its core – Mr. Dan Ram.

An IGNITER!, 5x TEDx speaker, 3x entrepreneur, prolific speaker, and speaking coach, he is recognized as a Top 40 under 40 leaders, with a multi-continent education at Yale University, and Trinity College, traveling the globe at over 100 events a year, delivering his impassionate speeches in order to inspire people in building a future we all want to live in.

All who wish to participate in this exciting event can do so at UACS premises, on the 26th of April, 2023, in Amphitheater 1, from 12:300 o’clock.

See you all there!


UACS Talks: Get Informed, Get Inspired

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