Mr. Miodrag Cekikj from IW Connect, guest speaker at UACS

On 18.12.2023, the guest speaker Mr. Miodrag Cekikj, R&D Lead Technical Consultant of IW Connect presented a challenging topic titled  “Cutting-edge Driven Applied AI and Cognitive Services – Current Trends and Perspectives”, with the students of the course Introduction to E-business (SCSIT), prof. Marija Stanojeska, PhD.


During the lecturing our guest speaker ventured into cutting-edge and most promising next-gen technology, exploring the fields of AI & ML empowered by different cloud-native Cognitive Services. The lecture aimed to show the potential of applied AI for academic and educational purposes but also uncover some core aspects currently established as de facto standards for different business-tailored use cases in the industry. Further, Mr. Cekikj discussed the IW Connect work and perspective in this field by uncovering some of the current projects and innovations, such as building industry-specific digital assistants, predictive modeling solutions, and utilizing Large Multimodal Models (LMMs) for visual data analysis, object detection, and text deciphering. Moreover, Mr. Cekikj covered the latest achievements in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) by practically presenting the power of the Microsoft Azure Document Intelligence service. The highlight of the presentation was showcasing a UACS-specific digital assistant for getting information about the university and computer science faculty and providing the latest news announced on the website.

We thank Mr. Cekikj for sharing his expertise and valuable insights with our students. Thank you to everyone who attended, making this guest lecture impressive.

The provided lecturing is a part of the DeepTech project’s frame activities.

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