UACS/AHSS Donation Drive

Have you seen the prettiest Christmas tree in the city?🎄🎁

These holidays, the biggest and the most beautiful tree is our AHSS & UACS Charity Tree, full of warm hugs, sweet smiles, precious childhood memories, full of love and great hopes for the future!
The students from AHSS and UACS, together with their professor Venera Krliu PhD, organized and delivered the best and biggest donation drive we have ever seen. They invited everyone to donate their preloved and pre-used home and household items, toys, books, clothing, together with food and hygiene supplies, sorted them out and packed them into boxes, bringing them to our fellow citizens in need.
The donation received a warm and hearty welcome in the Cathedral Parish Sacred Heart of Jesus, and we would like to express our gratitude to Bishop Kiro Stojanov and sister Natalija for their generosity and their faith in love and kindness.
This winter, plenty of babies will have new hats, gloves and winter wear, hundreds of kids will receive toys, books and winter clothing, numerous families will have a warm meal on the table and lots of homes will be just a tad warmer, with sheets, comforters and blankets.

This is a truly humbling experience and we couldn’t be more proud of our students! 👦👩

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