UACS students win 3rd place on CESIM Global Business Simulation Challenge

What is the Cesim Business Simulation?

Cesim Business Simulation is an online risk-free tournament on a global scale which has purpose to improve the knowledge retention, business decision making and teamwork skills of  students and employees. This online game provides modern educational tool built on sound economic theory. It focuses on strategic management, international business, global operations and business policy.
This year 18 teams from USA, UK, Asia, Africa and Europe took part in this competition. Divided in 3 Universes, the teams got the chance to compete internally in their own markets, as well globally in the final round. The competition started on 1st of November and lasted till 16 of November.

Who participated?

Our undergraduate students from the School of Business Economics and Management represented UACS and Macedonia respectively. UACS had two teams consisted of 5 students, each from different department.

The team “All but 2” was represented by:

  1. Mihail Trpchevski
  2. Loren Alessandro Smerilli
  3. Ilijana Bojadjieva
  4. Eftimija Dimitrova
  5. Meri Cvetanovska

As for “Stratton Oakmont

  1. Stefan Tanevski
  2. Mark Pintaric
  3. Aleksandra Ristovska
  4. Nikola Georgievski
  5. Aleksandar Andonovski.

“All but 2” managed to win the 1st place in their Universe, as well to win the 3rd place in the overall placement. When asked what was their key point of success, all in one voice said:  “TEAMWORK”. Throughout the competition they showed true determination, persistence, discipline, hard work and excellent teamwork.
The complexity of the tournament required professional guidance. Mentored by the professors at UACS, the team managed to make strategic and precise decisions. Overall, the student’s knowledge gained throughout the lectures in the past years was crucial and dominant for having good basics to work on and build the winning strategy.  

“Stratton Oakmont” finished 2 second in their Universe, and entering the TOP 5 on global level. The effort and enthusiasm this team put, definitely deserves recognition. The battle for the first place in the group was ongoing throughout those 16 days constantly.

The announcement of the winners was held within the framework of the ACBSP Region 8 Conference in Paris, where SBEM Dean Snezhana Hristova and Provost Marjan Bojadjiev attended and were able to receive the official prize.

High recognition for prof. Dimitar Kovacevski, prof. Makedonka Dimitrova, prof. Dusica Srbinovska -Stefcevska and especially prof. Snezhana Hristova, for mentoring our students throughout the entire competition.

We are extremely happy and proud of our students and their effort to compete on a global scale. We congratulate them on their success and wish them many more to come!

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