UACS Visit of the home for the eldery Hotel Idila Terzieva

Sometimes, all we need is to look at the world through other people’s eyes and discover a whole new outlook on life. Sometimes, we need to meet someone totally new, unexpected and different from us, so that we can really get to know ourselves. And sometimes, we just need a little reality check.
Today was a day of emotions. A day of big smiles, warm hugs and shy tears, rolling out of our eyes and the eyes of our elderly friends living in the Idila home for senior people. Together with our professor, Venera Krliu PhD, we, as UACS Psychology students, visited the home with one plan in mind – to see how we can help the people and maybe assist them in their daily tasks. But, what we found and what we received there was priceless.
Listening to their stories, learning from their love lives, careers and life choices, being inspired from their ambitions and goals, getting to know what life is really about and becoming aware of the power of emotions and the power of dreams. We planted flowers, we drew, we hugged, talked about life and love, about what it means to be young and old, strong and optimistic, full of life even when everything around you seems to be crashing. We were so impressed with their words, that we still have smiles on our faces. Sad to leave, but promising to come back soon and continue this journey together, we remain hopeful that we, the next generation, can really make this world just a little bit better – for us, for them, for everyone.

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