UACS visits the Day Care for Children from the Streets to share some holiday joy

As the year comes to a close, UACS focuses all its activities in the holiday spirit and giving back to the society. Just a week ago, UACS held the Charity Auction of Artwork, in order to gather funds for procurement of necessary equipment for the Children’s Hematology Clinic in Skopje. What many do not know, that apart from this being a charitable auction, this is actually the Christmas party for the administrative and academic staff at the University. The entrance fee for the party was a gift wrapped Christmas package intended for children. All donated packages were intended to bring cheer to children from socially marginalized categories.

So today, UACS students and staff visited the Day Care Center for Children from the Streets. This particular Day Care Center, takes in children from a very vulnerable social category, or so called “phantom children”, who would otherwise most likely spend their day begging on the streets. The Day Care Center workers and volunteers picked them up in the morning, and spent the entire day providing them with education, games, entertainment and most importantly – a meal and clothing.

These lovely children were eager to greet their guests with a Christmas play and a song recital. After that, they played and talked, and finally opened Christmas packages together. The joy and heartwarming wishes from the children were more than enough to bring happiness for making at least a small change in their lives.

UACS thanks the entire administrative and academic staff that donated Christmas packages, and that visited the Day Care Center. We are especially humbled by lovely people working with the children and their efforts in changing the outlook they have on life.

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