AICEI 2022 – 17th Annual International Conference on Emerging Ideas

University American College Skopje in collaboration with UNHCR in North Macedonia

organize the 17th annual international conference on emerging ideas – AICEI 2022



Thursday, 22 September 2022


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

of the Republic of North Macedonia




8:45 – 9:15      Registration

9:30 – 10:30   Opening session

10:30-11:00   Professor Honoris Causa Awarding Ceremony

11:00-11:30   Coffee break

11:30-12:15   Session 1: The Ukrainian crisis and responses

12:15-13:00   Session 2: EU, Ukraine and the future

13:00-13:30   Coffee break

13:30-14:15   Parallel Session 3: Post-Covid 19 challenges

13:30-14:15   Parallel Session 4:  Challenges in education

14:15-15:15   Lunch

15:15-16:15   Parallel Session 5: Contexts: Crises, identity and challenges to democracy

15:15-16:15   Parallel Session 6: Economic crises, insecurities, and prospects

16:15-16:30   Closing plenary session


Opening addresses:

Representative of the MFA of the Republic of North Macedonia

Representative of UNHCR in the Republic of North Macedonia


Official keynote speaker:

Edward P. Joseph, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, USA


Master of Ceremony:

Ognen Vangelov


Note: The working language of the conference is English.



Working sessions


11:30-12:15 Session 1: The Ukrainian crisis and responses

Moderator: Cristina Bunea


  • Robert C. Hudson (United Kingdom), The UK and the Conflict in Ukraine


  • Jeremy Cripps (United States of America), Disintermediation: Post War Reality Priorities


  • Zsuzsanna Csapó (Hungary), To Help, or Not to Help, That Cannot be a Question. The International Legal Obligations of States in Relation to the Russian-Ukrainian Armed Conflict: The Duty to Help and the Duty to Refuse Assistance (and the Duty of Non-recognition)



12:15-13:00 Session 2: EU, Ukraine and the future

Moderator: Ognen Vangelov


  • Andrea Stretea (Romania), EU’s Enlargement Towards the Eastern Partnership. The Integration of Ukraine Amid the Crisis


  • Marijana Opashinova Shundovska (North Macedonia), Politics and Society: The Ukrainian Crisis and the Future of EU Enlargement: Merit-based or Politically-driven Process?


  • Jordan Shishovski (North Macedonia), Redesign of Cities for Urban Warfare Resilience and Deterrence After the Russo-Ukrainian War of 2022



13:00-13:30 Coffee break



13:30-14:15 Parallel Session 3: Post-Covid 19 challenges

Moderator: Marina Andeva


  • Igor Sazdovski, Maja Stevkova-Sterieva (North Macedonia), The Effect of COVID 19 on Digitalization of Financial Transactions in Macedonia


  • Dimitrinka Jordanova Pesevska, Ana Tomovska Misoska, Angela Filipovska (North Macedonia), Experiences of Stress and Anxiety related to COVID-19 Preoccupation and COVID-19 Difficulties among University Students in North Macedonia


  • Sanja Pavlova (North Macedonia), Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Organizational Behavior and Mental Health of Employees in Higher Education Institution



13:30-14:15 Parallel session 4: Challenges in education

Moderator: Ivana Trajanoska


  • Dimitrinka Jordanova Pesevska, Experiences of Peer Victimization Associated with Stress and Anxiety among Adolescents in North Macedonia


  • Maja Pavlovska, Ivana Trajanoska (North Macedonia), The Role of English Language Testing and Certification in the Recruitment Process in the R.N. Macedonia


  • Natasha Angeleska (North Macedonia) Digital Competences for Teaching and Learning



14:15-15:15 Lunch



15:15-16:15 Parallel Session 5: Contexts: Crises, identity and challenges to democracy

Moderator: Ivan Dodovski


  • Ognen Vangelov (North Macedonia), What Drove Autocratization in Hungary under Victor Orban and North Macedonia under Nikola Gruevski?


  • Marina Andeva, Ylber Sela (North Macedonia), Languages and Identities in North Macedonia: Legal and Political Challenges to State Formation


  • Martin Solik, Jan Graf (Czechia), Russian Hybrid Operations in the Balkans after Ukrainian War: Main Obstacle in the EU Enlargement Process?


  • Vladimir Kacarski (North Macedonia), Creation of International Anti-cosmic Bodies Protection System



15:15-16:15 Parallel Session 6: Economic crises, insecurities, and prospects

Moderator: Ana Tomovska-Misoska


  • Dimitar Dimitrovski, Snezana Hristova (North Macedonia), Strategies for Business Model Innovation: Exploiting Synergy for Competitive Advantage in the Energy Sector


  • Marija Stanojeska (North Macedonia), An Implementation of Digital Technologies to Improve the Productivity and Reduce Non-value Adding Activities in the Production Process


  • Snezana Hristova, Dusica Srbinoska Stevcevska, Stefan Tanevski, Igor Spasovski (North Macedonia), FinTech and the Customer Experience: How to Embrace Change in Macedonian Banking Industry?


  • Tane Murgoski, Snezana Hristova (North Macedonia) The Advanced Role of Innovation and New Capabilities: The Search for a New HR Strategy in Alkaloid Skopje


16:15-16:30 Closing plenary session


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