7th Annual Reading Competition: Celebrating the Bicentenary of the Birth of Emily Brontё and the literary output of the Brontё family

Committed to promoting English literature to high school students, UACS School of Foreign Languages is organizing the seventh Annual Reading Competition. This year’s competition will honor the English author Emily Brontё on the occasion of her 200th birthday but also her sisters and brother and fellow-writers Charlotte, Anne and Branwell Brontё.

We would like to invite English teachers from the secondary schools and the private language schools in Macedonia to participate in this event with their students. The competition is open to third and fourth-year secondary-school students who can apply to read and share with their fellow students an excerpt/poem from any of the Brontё sisters works (novels, poems, diary). Free on-line complete texts of the Brontё family works can be found easily on the Internet. Here is just one recommendation: link

The event will take place on Friday, 4 May, 2018 at 12:00, at the UACS premises.

Each English teacher can encourage up to three participants of his/her best students to apply for the competition. In case there are more than 25 applicants, a selection will be made to include at least one participant from as many schools and cities as possible.

Under the mentorship of his/her teacher, each student can read an excerpt/poem which should not exceed three minutes (300-400 words). All interested teachers/mentors and students should register and send their applications and excerpt/poem proposals in one word document (See the application form and the proposal form below where you can also find the general rules, the scale of marks and the criteria). In case of more than one contestant/group of contestants, a new application form and excerpt proposal should be sent. Please note that this year there won’t be group readings – only individual students can participate compete.

Your applications should be sent to readingcompetition@uacs.edu.mk by the 29 April, 2018.

Special jury will award First, Second and Third Prize.

The three best contestants will receive certificates, tuition discounts at UACS, and valuable book prizes from our sponsors. Certificates of participation will be awarded to all participants, both the students and their teachers/mentors.

We look forward to seeing you at the competition.

Kind regards,

School of Foreign Languages
University American College Skopje

The invitation for the reading competition is available at the following link.
The application is available at the following link.
The proposal form with the general rules, scale of marks and criteria of the Reading Competition is available at the following link.

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