Brand Union General Manager, Ms. Ira Babikj as a guest lecturer in Digital Marketing Communications

Third-year undergraduate students of Marketing at the UACS School of Business Economics and Management, had the pleasure to follow a guest lecture delivered by the co-owner and General Manager of Brand Union, Ms. Ira Babikj.

Brand Union is a local digital agency, working in the last 10 (ten) years, not just in the area of digital communications, but also involving integrated marketing communications for a variety of clients.

The students had the unique opportunity to learn more regarding the work of the agency, as well as about several successful stories in the work experience of Brand Union.

Furthermore, they understood the difference between marketing communications results, the importance of the Concept, the Content, as well as the difference between the effects. Therefore, they can continue working on their projects in terms of developing digital and customer involving campaigns. This lecture was delivered as part of the Digital and Internet Marketing Communications course.




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