Dr. Ivan Dodovski teaching at Derby University, UK

Dr. Ivan Dodovski, Associate Professor and Dean of the UACS School of Political Science has been invited to teach at the University of Derby, UK as part of the EU Erasmus+ exchange programme between our two universities.

Between 1 and 15 February 2017, Dr. Dodovski has delivered lectures for undergraduate and post-graduate students taking the module on ‘Yugoslavia and After’.

On Wednesday 8 February 2017, Dr. Dodovski has also presented a paper to the Identity, Culture and Representation Research Cluster in the Derby School of Humanities. The paper entitled: ‘The Identity Shift: Claims on Antiquity in Macedonian Fiction and Drama’ explains cultural developments in Macedonia over the 25 year period of political transition, during which time there has been a noticeable shift from Slavonic cultural influences to those of classical antiquity.

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