Guest lectures on emotions and motivation

On April 19th and 24th, two separate lectures were held during the Emotions & Motivation class at the UACS Department of Psychology, with two guest speakers presenting their own topics, facilitated by Prof. Sahana.
During the course of the first talk, Cristine Gordon, a certified yoga instructor and a certified QHHT practitioner (Quantum Healing Hypnosis) currently based in the UK, talked on the topic of  ‘Body Movement & Emotions: The concept of Mini Me yoga’, making the students aware of different body postures and movements inspired by animal poses, in order to help young children to increase their focus on particular tasks and regulate their emotions. Some of the cards used for the talk are below.
The second talk, in turn, centered around the topic ‘Crime Motivation & Forensic Psychology‘, with Natalie Herb, a Forensic Psychologist currently practicing in Lebanon, interacting with students about the difference between criminology and forensic psychology, making them aware of the different ways an assessment is done for the accused, as well as the risks and challenges in the field of crime.
We thank Cristine Gordon and Natalie Herb for providing their insight into these interesting topics, and we hope to have them again in the future!

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