Department of Psychology student visit to DOOEL Kola

On May 18th, students from the Industrial Psychology class at the Department of Psychology of UACS, taught by Prof. Blagica Rizoska Vanic, visited the company DOOEL Kola, with presenters Marina Mihajlovska, Director of the Human Resources Department, and Elena Vilarova Velkovska, Business Associate for Human Resources, sharing their knowledge and experience with the students.

As such, students had the opportunity to get acquainted with modern trends and practical work in the field of Human Resource Management, learn about work processes, strategic planning of human resources, the process of recruitment and selection of candidates, systems for career development, and performance measurement, as well as rewarding and motivating employees.

We express our special thanks to the company DOOEL Kola, as well as to Marina and Elena, who shared their knowledge and experience with the students who attended and shared in this interactive experiential learning process.

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