Prof Vaneva’s lecture at St. Petersburg State University

On 4 May 2021, Prof Dr Marjana Vaneva, from the School of Foreign Languages, was invited to deliver an open online lecture to the undergraduates, postgraduates and professors in the Department of English Language and Cultural Studies at St Petersburg State University in Russia.

Dr Vaneva’s lecture was titled: The Art of Saying ‘No’: The Macedonians and Their English Negation, and focused on research previously presented at a conference held at Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge. It discusses the forms, functions and reasons for negating in those specific ways when respondents found themselves in the author-created scenario situations. The research deals with the Macedonian native speakers’ answers and is part of a study where these findings are contrasted with the results provided by native speakers of British English and the way they negate in their own language.

This bears not only linguistic but cultural implications, too. Presenting the research results in front of Russian audience, as a representative of another Slavic culture, besides Macedonians, might shed additional light upon the investigation process.

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