UACS’s partnership with the Alliance for Boundary-Crossing in Deep Tech (ABCD)

The Alliance for Boundary-Crossing in Deep Tech (ABCD) initiative, supported by higher education institutions in conjunction with the European Institute for Innovation and Technology, aspires to be the change agent for creating more talent in deep tech and become a major hub for deep tech entrepreneurship in the Western Balkans.

Through successful engagement with stakeholders and the local innovation ecosystem, it promotes an entrepreneurial attitude and helps deep tech start-ups flourish internationally, and its main objective is to establish partnerships that will fuel the deep tech start-up ecosystem by supporting students and founders from the beginning of their deep tech start-up down their path to successful commercialization.

The ABCD consortium members are renowned universities and well-known innovation hubs from the Western Balkans and beyond. Effective collaboration, the encouragement of an entrepreneurial mindset among students, faculty members, and staff, and capacity building among them will result in increased participation in incubation services and training programs, ultimately supporting start-ups.

The program will be implemented over a period of 10 weeks, covering 20 topics within 8 modules, delivered by lecturers, industry experts, experienced entrepreneurs, and other ecosystem facilitators. During the program, startups will also have the opportunity to learn more about available funding opportunities for deep tech available at the European level and work 1:1 with Mentors. The program closes by showcasing start-ups’ progress and business potential.

Interested parties can learn more about the program and how to apply at:

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