UACS Charity Auction – a great success!

The organizational culture at UACS cherishes togetherness, solidarity and humanity, so this year, we decided to organize our Christmas holiday party in the spirit of charity.

On December 12th 2017, UACS hosted the Charity Auction of Artwork at the City Hall Center in Skopje. The event was also supported by our gracious sponsors Tikves Winery AD Skopje and Gemak Trade that made sure that everyone’s glass was full.

The auctioned artwork was donated and created by our own professors, students or administrative staff, who proved to be quite talented artists.

One of Macedonia’s most prominent TV hosts, and well known humanitarian Ms. Lila Stojanovska was kind enough to join us and be our auctioneer for the evening.

The goal of the auction was purchasing a laboratory centrifuge for the Univeristy Clinic for Children’s Diseases in Skopje that can be used by all departments and that will benefit the timely and effective diagnosis for patients.

Thanks to the UACS Business Council members and friends of UACS, a total of 33 paintings were sold at the auction, amounting to a total of 172,000 denars. This was the exact amount that needed to be reached for the purchase of the necessary medical equipment.

Many of the companies of our Business Council and supporters of UACS such as Adora Engineering, Gemak Trade, Metropolis Radio, City Hall, Pakomak, Global Impact, Energon Facility, RSM International, Semos Group, Marmaks Dooel, Tikves Winery AD Skopje were active participants and made a significant contribution to the success of the auction.

We would like to express our gratitude to all who participated and made this event a start of a lovely new tradition.

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