Zlat Milovanovic Award Winner Iskra Dochovska – “An Unforgettable Journey of Learning and Exploration!”

The University American College Skopje is delighted to share the remarkable experience of our talented student, Iskra Dochovska, who recently attended the prestigious European Women in Tech Conference in the Netherlands, as the winner of the Zlat Milovanovic Award.

A passionate and driven individual, Iskra had the privilege of immersing herself in an inspiring event that brought together professionals and experts from the technology and artificial intelligence (AI) industry, attending thought-provoking sessions on various topics, including Generative AI, the ethical implications of AI, AI’s significant role in space exploration, and gender equity in technology. As such, she witnessed the empowering exchange of experiences and stories, reaffirming the significance of fostering an inclusive environment that values diverse perspectives and contributions in the tech industry.

Making the most of her visit to the Netherlands, Iskra explored the rich cultural heritage of two of the biggest cities in the state, captivated by the picturesque canals and iconic windmills in Amsterdam, as well as enjoying the modern and lively atmosphere of Rotterdam. Immersing herself in the Dutch lifestyle, she also embraced the country’s renowned cycling culture through the cities and picturesque parks and savored the country’s delectable traditional cuisine.

An experience that surely won’t be forgotten soon, we are incredibly proud to have supported Iskra on this extraordinary journey of learning and exploration, and we are excited to see the impact she will continue to make in her field in the future!


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