Debate on “Stress and coping with stress” as a part of the UACS Psychological Counselling Center activities

On November 3rd, 2023, as a part of the activities of the UACS Psychological Counselling Center for students, and within the frame of the project: Supporting the mental health of young people during the post-COVID time “There is no health without mental health”, a debate on “Stress and coping with stress” was organized at the premises of the Faculty of Security in Skopje. The project was funded by the City of Skopje, and implemented by the University American College Skopje (UACS), School of Political Science, Department of Psychology, and the University of St. Kliment Ohridski – Bitola (UKLO), Faculty of Security, Skopje.

At the debate itself, the speakers: Associate Professor Dr. Dimitrinka Jordanova Peshevska from UACS, SPS and Department of Psychology; Professor Dr. Dragana Batic; and Professor Dr. Jonce Ivanoski from the Faculty of Security in Skopje, each addressed the topic of stress in front of the audience of students, talking from their own respective field of expertise.

The students themselves had an opportunity to understand the concept of stress and the underlying physiological mechanisms of behavior in various situations of stress, the main coping mechanisms of stress, and the importance of physical activities for the mental health of students. The debate finally concluded with an active Q&A session, where the students interacted with the speakers, and posed questions related to stress, toxic stress, and recommended prevention approaches.

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