Innovate to Elevate: A New Product Development Hackathon

December 2nd marked an exciting day of innovation and collaboration at the “Innovate to Elevate” Hackathon. Focused on the theme of product development, the event provided students with a unique opportunity to delve into the different companies and get to know the guest speakers Professor Jane Plavevski, Senior Product Owner at Damilah, and Ms. Biljana Misik, CEO of IuteCredit Macedonia.

Organized at UACS, the hackathon allowed students to gain insights into the operations and markets of both companies but also encouraged them to propose innovative ideas for the enhancement of the presented products.

The Hackathon was part of the students’ practical work for the Product Development Policy Course with Prof. Kalina Sejfula and demonstrator Marija Adjiev. In this opportunity, we would like to thank Professor Jane Plavevski and Ms. Biljana Misik for their invaluable contributions and dedication throughout the hackathon.

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