„Omegjeni prikaz(n)i“ – exhibition of drawings by UACS SAD Prof. Dr. Toni Vasic

“Everything white in the drawings is the whiteness of the paper. At first, I thought, it was simple and minimalistic. Still, I looked at the drawings and saw that the whiteness that you would imagine as an empty space, residue, or margin around the central motif of the drawing, actually represents the central motif itself – the dandelion.”

These were just some of the words from author Toni Vasic PhD, Dean of SAD, at UACS, describing his exhibition “Omegjeni Prikazni” at its unveiling at the Cultural Informative Center Skopje.

Described as an artistic decameron of fragile shapes, and powerful stories, by Katica Kjulavkova, Prof. Dr. Toni Vasic’s exhibition is composed of 17 drawings (70 x 100 cm), a selection from a series of twenty drawings inspired by the dandelion motif. Created on white paper, with a shower pen, during the isolation period of the Covid-19 quarantine, they represent how isolation in solitude, silence, meditation, asceticism, and liberation from excess communication with others, information, and stress, is a path to oneself, turning the focus from the phenomena to the essence.

A truly inspiring piece of art, for those interested in viewing this ongoing exhibition, you can visit Salon Imperijal 1, at the Cultural Informative Center Skopje, at the latest until October 3rd, 2023.


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