UACS contributing to the entrepreneurial mindset challenges in South East Europe

Makedonka Dimitrova, MPPM, Scientific Director of UACS Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development Institute is currently representing University American College at the Summer Academy of the South Eastern Network of Universities focused on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (former Resita Network).

The old and renowned Politehnica University of Timişoara, Romania is hosting the Academy, a university with which UACS has already established collaboration in terms of mobility of faculty and students.

The Academy will focus on several topics, in particular on reasons for failure of SMEs and a strategic planning session for the future on the Network.

Prof. Dr. Corneliu- Mircea Davidescu, Vice Rector and Prof. Dr. Marian Mocan, Dean of the Faculty of Management in Production and Transportation of the Politehnica University of Timişoara have opened the morning session upon the Summer Academy kick off.

During the past seven years of its operations, the Network has played a big role in shaping the entrepreneurial mindset and the increase of the innovation orientation of students in Romania, Albania, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Germany and Macedonia. The Network has organized over 40 Summer Schools which were attended by over 500 students, as well as five business case writing workshops aimed for professors, joint research activities and faculty and student mobility. The former Resita Network has also worked on the development of a Joint Master Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

The Network has also established the Journal of Innovation and Management. In the past, its activities were supported by the DAAD, the German Agency for Academic Exchange.





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