UACS signs an Erasmus + Agreement with Krosno State College from Poland

UACS and Krosno State College have been collaborating through the Global Partners in Education Program for 4 years offering the Global Understanding Course together. UACS and KSC students have been developing their intercultural communication skills via video conference links and chat sessions and have been completing joint collaborative projects. Now, with the signed Erasmus + agreement in the field of English Philology, our students can meet face to face and enjoy the benefits of student mobility.

The State Higher Vocational School is the first university in Krosno, but it proudly refers to the rich history of education in our city at the middle or semi-high level of teaching staff for local schools. This tradition dates back to the times when Krosno already had the economic splendor of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The State Higher Vocational School in Krosno cooperates closely with several academic institutions, from which a significant part of the teaching staff comes; at these universities, PWSZ graduates prefer second-degree studies. These are: the Jagiellonian University, the University of Rzeszów, the AGH University of Science and Technology and the University of Physical Education in Krakow, the Medical University and the University of Life Sciences in Lublin. The State Higher Vocational School in Krosno educates in 18 fields of study: Construction, Power engineering, Philology,  Polish philology, Mining and Geology, Informatics, Environmental engineering, Mechanical engineering,  International language communication, Nursing, Education, Production and food safety, and Agriculture.

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