UACS students receive CMA scholarships

UACS is the only academic institution in the country that can offer graduate students the opportunity to apply for a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) scholarship.

For more than 45 years, the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) certification has been the global benchmark for management accountants and financial professionals. CMAs earn far more than professionals without the CMA or CPA. More importantly, the certification is a pathway to a more successful business career: one that opens doors, builds confidence, closes skills gaps, and lets you tap into a network of 100,000 professionals around the globe.

We, as an institution, have the opportunity to nominate high achieving students for CMA scholarships so that they can complete their CMA exam while studying, so that they graduate with a much higher competitive advantage in their respective field.

For this academic year, 7 UACS students have been awarded with scholarships:
Vanja Dorakovski
Monika Kovacevska
Mark Pintaric
Loren Alessandro Smerili
Stefan Tanevski
Aleksandra Ristovska
Ilijana Bojadjieva

It is a great pleasure to announce the scholarship recipients, and we take great pride as an institution to have highly qualified candidates that are willing to pursue this prestigious and valuable certification. But, don’t just take our word for it, read some of their testimonials bellow.

“It is never too late in one’s life to learn and grow. Being awarded with the CMA scholarship is a reminder and validation to me to never stop moving forward. Receiving  the CMA scholarship is so valuable and meaningful  to me because it comes in a period in my carrier where it provides a opportunity to further my knowledge and expertise. CMA would help me gain important new skills and competences that can advance my carrier. Trough CMA I would gain deep insight and understanding of financial decisions  and plans for businesses. This knowledge will help me bridge the gap between the finance side and the management side of businesses. Obtaining the CMA certification will open a lot of opportunities for me in the domestic as well as the global market. It will help me to enhance my financial, accounting and management skills that will expand my career potential in my own company”  – Vanja Dorakovski

“As I have been a student at the department of accounting and auditing on my undergraduate studies, I have decided to continue my education in the same direction. For me this scholarship is of great importance as an upgrade of university education and also gives me an opportunity to become a successful auditor in the future. I have been informed that the CMA certificate is highly appreciated in many European countries. I hope that one day it will provide me with a good job that I will like and thus, provide me a better future.” – Monika Kovacevska 


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